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Dynaudio Special Forty Review

Dynaudio Special Forty Review

It seems, lately I only review Dynaudio speakers, and this is the third pair of Dynaudio speakers I review this year. I admit I have developed a strong connection to this brand’s signature sound. 

Cambridge Audio CP2 Review

Cambridge Audio CP2 (Phono Preamp) Review

When a friend of mine started complaining about the sound he was getting out of the built-in phono stage of his hi-end multichannel receiver, I told him it was time to start looking for a quality external phono preamp.

Rogue Audio RP-5 Review
Custom Vinyl Storage Rack

Custom Vinyl Storage Rack

A few months ago I ran out space to store my records and you all know that having too many records is never enough. So, I started looking for a safe and stylish way to store my vinyl.

Rogue Audio RP-5 Preamplifier Review

Audio separates are the audiophile’s weapon of choice, having a different enclosures and power supplies for each unit results in better performance. More importantly, unlike a receiver or integrated amplifier, were you are stuck with whatever configuration the manufacturer chose, with separates there are endless combination of preamplifiers and amplifiers to choose from.

Hana SL Cartridge Review

There is always a product that gets a lot of attention at an audio show. Last April at AXPONA 2017, the Hana cartridges were that product. A lot of system at the show where using this cartridges, and I keep hearing favorable comments about them. But who are this Hana guys?

Dr. Feickert Universal Protractor

The vinyl record master is cut horizontally, meaning there will always be distortion when using a pivoted tonearm. The trick to reduce this problem is to adjusting phono cartridge offset (cartridge alignment on the tonearm head shell). If done correctly, groove and surface noise will be reduced, and music will have a greater sense of space and dynamics.

Understanding Turntable Anti-Skate

Turntable calibration by itself can be an art form. The fact that one can alter the sound to taste by making tiny adjustments to different parameters is physics magic. But the Anti-Skate mechanism in many turntables is so full of mysticism, that most people don’t understand what it actually does. In these article I’ll do my best to explain how it works, keeping in mind that this problem has hunted audiophiles for decades and no perfect solution exist.

Speaker Placement

The quality of a sound system depends largely on the choice of speakers. It’s important to understand how the size and positioning of the speaker in relation to room boundaries affects the sound.

Turntable Set-Up Guide

Learn how to setup your own turntable following this seven (7) simple steps, to extract maximum performance from your equipment. At we think that anyone serious about analog audio should know how to configure his or her turntable.

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